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"lovely comics you have created here i cant wait to read more =) " ---tori   *   "oh wow! someones still doing classic esque furry webcomics ^^ this is nice"---MistahToonCatUwU   *   "I must confess that I enjoy it when you post a new batch of your Fox Comics. ^U^ I look forward to seeing what adventures your Foxy Folks will get into next." ---steamfox   *   "Love your comics! The best comics nowadays are all independently published." ---Neill   *   "i find your foxes to be very cute!~ looked through the first pages of the most earliest comic, and gosh it just gives my life a bright spot ^^ your work will be loved very much!"---MistahToonCatUwU   *   "You have cute vixens ^U^ " ---Blueratm   *   "Gotta like the vixens X3 " ---Scarletfox   *   "Foxes make everything better! X3 " ---Perfesser-Bear   *   "Absolutely love your strips. X3 " ---RocketT.Coyote   *   "I really enjoy your comics and the page layout is gorgeous!" ---Panda-Jenn   *   "Your comics are really funny and interresing! I really loved your comics! X3 " ---WidxWolf805   *   "Your art is beautiful! XD your style is adorable witty and so lusty!  ;-) " ---Springstof   *   "Cute foxes, here. n.n " ---Tremaine   *   "I Loved your comic, it was such a classic ^^ " ---Freebirth001   *   "I have just seen your online comics! They are really good!" ---Ant   *   "Excellent!" ---shunsan0310   *   "Your Foxes are awesome (and cute as well!) " ---artfan   *   "why isn’t your fox comic an animated cartoon? its soo fricking cute, retro and clever^^ " ---FoxenBPerry   *   "your style is amazing n_n" " ---ringtailmaster   *   "Your art style is very unique. I've never seen another style like it. Kudos to originality" --- nanokoex   *   "What adorable cartoon vixens :) Thanks for sharing!" ---rolandguiscard   *   "it was a very cute comic" --- FoxyFluff   *   "cant wait to read more" ---Cree_Coffee   *   "i'm loving the comic you are making." ---vizzy   *   "man! You got some skills!" ---Josiah Shockency   *   "your art is hilariously lovely! ^W^ your vixens are hot and fun! :-P ;-)" ---Springstof   *   "your comics are lovely!" ---Aries_Hausdorff   *   "you draw the cutest fox tushies ever!! <3" ---Chaos_Coyote   *   " Love the comic! Very funny! " ---Zaja


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Fox Calendar 2024

Now showing Chapter 15: "Miss Brush Tail 2002"

Lollo is about to get married to her fox-sheik and decides to take her last chance to win the Miss Brush-Tail Beauty Pageant... Unfortunately for her, all the members of the jury seem to have sinister hidden agendas of their own...

Latest update: 2024-06-23


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