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Red    - Badly drawn chapter, presented solely in the name of telling the full story.
(I really should re-draw this someday; but lazy as I am, I colored it instead…)

Orange – Everything I drew before 1983 should be re-drawn, but it will have to do for the time being...
Yellow – Die-hard fans only, I wrote this chapter when I was 10 years old…
Green  – Recent / Popular adventures





1."The adventures of the Fox family - Part 1"

A collection of embarrassingly old stories I wrote more than 50 years ago, tied together by a comic in which Mickel Räv (without much success) tries to persuade his kids to go to sleep by telling bedtime stories about his adventures, like the ones about the trip to the moon, when he built a submarine, a highly unusual Christmas eve, the great car race, when Ricke prevented an attack and the three little runaways...

(Die-hard fans only — I wrote most of this chapter when I was 10 years old!)


1974 - 1990

Part 2. "The Fox-Killer"

A fearsome lynx kills the foxes and collects their tails...

Re-drawn and digitally colored!


1994 - 1995

3. "Räviania - The Subterranean Country"

When the family den is threatened by the humans, the foxes decide to move. After many adventures they end up in Räviania.



4. "The Fight against the Wolves"

When the wolves decided to invade Räviania they failed to count with our heroes!

(Badly drawn chapter, presented in the name of telling the full story - and also because it contains Anita, Lollo and Lena's first appearance in the comic...)



5. "The Atomic Wolves"

Due to the fact that many foxes are against the wolves' plan to build a new nuclear power plant, our friends are taken hostage to prevent sabotage. If anything happens to the power plant our friends will be chopped to fox-stew!

(Badly drawn chapter, presented solely in the name of telling the full story!)


1981 - 1982

6. "The Fox Tormentors"

This chapter is notable for introducing Monica to the comic series for the first time.

Monica's den was attaced by hunters. She was caught by humans, but she eventually managed to escape and ended up in Räviania. When the humans re-abduct her, our heroes come to the rescue!

(Everything I drew before 1983 should be re-drawn, but...)



7. "The Fox-nappers"

Our friends go on a vacation to their old den -  but they  disappear one after an other without leaving a trace ...




8. "Firevixens"

Rickelina and Slugelina decide to become the first female Fire-foxes! The Fire Captain disagrees...

(This adventure actually takes place before #5 but I finished it later...)  


1983 - 1984

9. "The South American Tour"

Persuaded by their wild cousins, our heroines decide to take a tour in South America. Unfortunately enough, their plane crashes in the jungle...



10. "The Fox Wedding"

Not just any wedding but a double fox-wedding!
Twice as romantic, twice as fun, twice as fast - you don't want to eat the wedding dinner cold, do you? And will we ever find out who set the hotel on fire at the wedding reception?


1986 - 1987

11. "The Fox Sheik / Tail-problems & Problem Tails" 

Two adventures for the price of one! The Fox Sheik arrives to Räviania in shearch for a bride!

In "Tail-problems and Problem-tails" someone shaves the foxes tails and disappears without leaving a trace - except for small piles of fur!



12. "The Magician" & "The Honey-moon" 

Ricke and Tina are telling their kits two stories:
- Will Rickelina and Slugelina survive the mad magicians new trick "The Sawn-in-half Fox"?
- Ricke and Tina take a belated honey-moon trip, and as they only have eyes for eachother they end up in a fox-farm without noticing!


1991 - 1999

13. "Mother Fox in Command"

Mickelina takes charge and presents a collection of short fox stories, like the one about that thing with Lollo, the one about when she went on vacation in a submarine, the one about that thing that happened last week, and the story about what caused Rickelina and Slugelina to fly at each other's throats...


1996 - 1997

14. "Anita and the She-wolves"

When Lollo and Lena get married and move out, the she-wolves move in with Anita in their stead - but can they be trusted?


2000 - 2015


15. "Miss Brush-Tail 2002"

Lollo is about to get married to her fox-sheik and decides to take her last chance to win the Miss Brush-Tail Beauty Pageant... Unfortunately for her, all the members of the jury seem to have sinister hidden agendas of their own...



1. Very moves in with Anita and learns about the beauty pageant.
8. The flight.
23. The Stewardess Vixen that knew too much.
36. The Killer-bunnies!
43. The Tail Pageant.
58. Very gets abducted and almost loses her tail!
77. The humans arrive.
85. The Snow Leopard.
99. The Guillotine Accident!
109. Leonora Pard.
128. The Killer-bunnies' hideout.
142. Fried Bunny ("You ate our brother?!!")
151. They/Them exposed! Reveals everything!
163. The Jaguar.
176. At the Wildlings's
191. The Great Escape.
200. "Do you want to get killed gently or civilized?"
206. Mother and daughter leopard share the full jungle experience - get exposed to killer wasps, caimans, piranhas, snakes, spiders, ants, scorpions, poisonous toads, meat-eating plants och HUMAN BEASTS!!!


240+ !

2002 - 2023

(16. "Life and Death in Räviania")

The foxes have to handle the first death in Räviania, and Mickelina surprises everyone with an unexpected announcement at the funeral. Her sister Rävelina then reveals even more surprising news...

(Comming to a computer near you - sooner or later...)




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"Fox Comic Specials":

"How to become a Very Naughty Vixen"
or "Verity Vixen's Spanking-Inferno"

Verity Vixen's (probably strongly exaggerated) version of her encounters with her gymteacher FRAU SPANKENSTEIN!

Advisory Warning: Very Silly Story - Not Suitable for ANYONE!

Contains Animal Cruelty and Artistic Nudity! May contain traces of Naughtiness...


A fox comic special featuring Rävelina the vixen and Leo the leopard!

The vixen gave her leopard boyfriend cans with leopard-colored fur dye as an engagement present, and volunteered to serve as his canvas...

Warning - Contains Artistic Nudity!


Read the 32 page fox comic "The Trouser War"

after the not-so-secret "Operation X" adventure!

Do not forget to check out Tina's first comic appearance:
Ricke the Fox introduces his new girlfriend to the humans at the end of the not-so-secret agents' adventure #11. "The Hidden Valley" (Coming soon to a computer near you...)

P.S. If you for some reason don't like foxes you might prefer my other comic...


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