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We have 1000+ pages of Fox Comics in the Archive!


Mikael Malmerfors presents
( not without considerable pride )

Micke's Comics


" lovely comics you have created here i cant wait to read more =) " ---tori   *   "oh wow! someones still doing classic esque furry webomics ^^ this is nice"---MistahToonCatUwU   *   "I must confess that I enjoy it when you post a new batch of your Fox Comics. ^U^ I look forward to seeing what adventures your Foxy Folks will get into next." ---steamfox   *   "Love your comics! The best comics nowadays are all independently published." ---Neill   *   "You have cute vixens ^U^ " ---Blueratm   *   "Gotta like the vixens X3 " ---Scarletfox   *   "Foxes make everything better! X3 " ---Perfesser-Bear   *   "Absolutely love your strips. X3 " ---RocketT.Coyote   *   "I really enjoy your comics and the page layout is gorgeous!" ---Panda-Jenn   *   "Your comics are really funny and interresing! I really loved your comics! X3 " ---WidxWolf805   *   "Your art is beautiful! XD your style is adorable witty and so lusty!  ;-) " ---Springstof   *   "Cute foxes, here. n.n " ---Tremaine   *   "I Loved your comic, it was such a classic ^^ " ---Freebirth001   *   "I have just seen your online comics! They are really good!" ---Ant   *   "Excellent!" ---shunsan0310   *   "Your Foxes are awesome (and cute as well!) " ---artfan   *   "why isn’t your fox comic an animated cartoon? its soo fricking cute, retro and clever^^ " ---FoxenBPerry   *   "your style is amazing n_n" " ---ringtailmaster   *   "Your art style is very unique. I've never seen another style like it. Kudos to originality" --- nanokoex   *   "What adorable cartoon vixens :) Thanks for sharing!" ---rolandguiscard   *   "it was a very cute comic" --- FoxyFluff   *   "cant wait to read more" ---Cree_Coffee   *   "i'm loving the comic you are making." ---vizzy   *   "man! You got some skills!" ---Josiah Shockency   *   "your art is hilariously lovely! ^W^ your vixens are hot and fun! :-P ;-)" ---Springstof   *   "your comics are lovely!" ---Aries_Hausdorff   *   "you draw the cutest fox tushies ever!! <3" ---Chaos_Coyote   *   " Love the comic! Very funny! " ---Zaja

I have spent the last 30 years drawing comics. Not constantly, though! I have now digitally colored some of my old comics and, after translation into what I like to call English, for the first time published them on the Internet! If anyone actually reads them, I might eventually throw in some new stuff... (And NO - that's not a picture of me to the left, reading a comic magazine - it is of a she-wolf called Ylva. You can meet her in chapter 14: "Anita and the She-wolves".) 


Featured fox adventures: 

Now Showing: Ch. 15. Miss Brush Tail 2002

Lollo is about to get married to her fox-sheik and decides to take her last chance to win the Miss Brush-Tail Beauty Pageant... Unfortunately for her, all the members of the jury seem to have sinister hidden agendas of their own...


Popular Completed Fox Adventures

2. "The Fox-Killer"

3. "Räviania..."

8. "Firevixens"

9. "The South American Tour"

A fearsome lynx kills the foxes and collects their tails... When the family den is threatened by the humans, the foxes decide to move...

Rickelina and Slugelina decide to become the first female Fire-foxes!

Persuaded by their wild cousins, our heroines decide to take a tour in South America.

10. "The Fox Wedding"

11. "The Fox Sheik" + "Tail-problems & Problem Tails"

12: "The Magician" & "The Honey-moon"

13: "Mother Fox in Command"

Not just any wedding but a double fox-wedding!

Two adventures for the price of one!
(25 + 20 pages)

Ricke and Tina are telling their kits two stories about their adventures. Mickelina takes charge and presents a collection of short fox stories

Other foxy adventures in the Fox-Archive!

Also, read the 32-page fox comic "The Trouser War" after the not-so-secret "Operation X"!


Not-so-secret Boys in Beige


Updates sporadically!

Featured adventures of the not-so-secret agents: 
6. The Island of the Giant Robots         (Completed - 34 pages)

Our heroes meet the mad Professor's brother, the even madder scientist and his giant robots!

This product has been tested on children — with good results!
Child labour has been used – the author was 11 years young when he wrote this story!

No robots were harmed in the process of drawing this story!


  8. "The Fantastic Pill"                       (Completed - 29 pages)

Professor Karlsson can't wait to test his new invention. He decides to use his reluctant son as a Guinea-Pig with disasterous results. 


10b. "The Fly & the Wasp"                 (Completed - 20 pages)

The Professor's sound-less stealthy airplane "the Wasp" gets stolen. Our Heroes, the not-so-secret agents, find out that the plane is going to be used in connection with a bank robbery. Naturally, they decide to break into the bank and hide the money before the thieves arrive.

17. "Operation X"                        (Completed - 16 + 32 pages)

Most of the members threaten to leave the club, as the most exciting thing that happened for ages in the sleepy village, was last months lawn mowing day... Micke has to come up with a solution!

Bonus: The 32-page fox comic "The Trouser War"

More adventures listed in the Archive/Preview...

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